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Nature Power Power Bank Elite 25


The Power Bank Elite 25 uses the latest Lithium battery technology and integrates it with both USB and AC Power Outlets giving you the kind of power you need, when you need it, where ever you are. The Power Bank Elite 25 has a 25,000 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery which is enough to charge your iphone/smartphone up to 8x; ipad 1.

Power Bright 900W 12V Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter


12V DC to AC 900 Watt Power Inverter. This inverter plugs directly to a 12 Volt DC battery to power laptops, televisions, gaming consoles and other electronics and small appliances in your vehicle. Power Bright Power Inverter for AC “juice” anywhere! Features modified sine wave function for smooth power, anodized aluminum case that provides durability, provides 7.

Schumacher 12amp/8amp/2amp Charger/Maintainer


The Schumacher 12amp/8amp/2amp Charger/Maintainer is a fully automatic microprocessor controlled charger that displays easy-to-feel switches for selection of Display Mode, Charge Rate or Battery Type. Choose from regular automotive (low maintenance or maintenance-free), deep-cycle, AGM or gel cell batteries.

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter


Stanley 500 amp battery jump-starter with compressor Jump start your battery without the aid of another vehicle Built-in 120 Volt AC charger, recharges unit with standard household extension 1000 peak battery amps with easy to read backlit gauge for fast inflation of tires, sport equipment and more Heavy duty metal clamps and cables 1000 Peak Battery Amps / 500 Amp Instant Starting Power 270° Pivoting high powered LED emergency light Reverse connection warning provides audible and visual alarm Heavy duty metal clamps and cables 120 PSI compressor.

Wagan 10,000 Watt Power Inverter


Converts 12DC power to 120V AC power 10,000 Watts continuous power 20,000 Watts peak surge Surface Mount Technology production method Low battery voltage alarm High voltage shutdown Temperature controlled cooling fan Remote control switch.

Wagan 5 Amp AC to 12V DC Converter Lighter Adapter


The Wagan 5-Amp AC to 12V DC Power Adapter allows you to use your 12-Volt DC powered items outside of your vehicle, including in your home, office, or dorm. It’s ideal for GPS units, portable powered coolers/warmers, air compressors, and other DC appliances.

Wagan 5000W Proline Inverter + Remote


ProLine 5,000 Watt Inverter As a venerable favorite among off-grid users, Wagan Tech’s ProLine series of power inverters have received a considerable makeover. Starting from the ground up, the new 5,000 watt inverter received a new SMT circuit board, a glossy exterior coating on the smaller casing, and a massive weight reduction.

Wagan Converts DC power to AC power


8,000 Watt power inverter used for converting 12V DC power to 115V AC power Peak surge power 16,000 Watts Continuous True Rated Power 8,000 Watts 115-125V AC output 11-14V DC output Low battery alarm Low voltage alarm Temperature controlled cooling fan Remote control switch 4 AC sockets Surface mount technology production method.

Wagan Smart AC 120 USB Inverter with FM Transmitter


Wagan Smart AC 120 USB Inverter with FM Transmitter is a complete solution for today’s mobile usage with MP3, PDA, and other AC, USB applications. Provides 120 watts continuous power and 300 watts peak surge power. This item features a versatile USB port to charge and power most of the USB devices plus an extra DC outlet for additional DC powered appliances.

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