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Grape Solar Slate Portable Device Charger, 11,000mAh


Never get caught with a dead battery again. The super thin Grape Solar Slate can power and charge smart phones, MP3 players, tablets and other portable electronics. It can be charged from any USB port, an AC outlet or a Grape Solar Folding Panel. The 11,000 mAh lithium-ion battery will charge an iPad or extend the life of most smartphones and digital music players 6-8 times.

Wagan 18W Solar e Panel


Wagan Solar e Panel 18 Watt is ideal for traveling and recharging electronics via solar power. These US made solar cells are 23 percent efficient versus only 17 percent for the industry standard. 1A USB output is built into the unit plus a micro-USB cable and Apple 30 pin connector accessories are included.

Wagan Solar e Charger 2.1A + 4000 mAh


ManualUnder the sunlight the Solar e Charger converts daylight into electricity to charge your cell phone, iPad, tablet or other electronic devices, then stores the power in the built-in Lithium Ion, depending on the intensity of the light. The Solar e Charger features an elegant, compact body, high charge capacity and long battery life.

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